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Here are some answers to questions employers may have about The Retirement Planning Concierge Program:


Why was The Retirement Planning Concierge Program created?


Employers and their HR Benefits professionals are increasingly burdened with trying to assist retiree’s with questions regarding Social Security, Healthcare/Medicare information, budgeting, and financial planning advice that they feel unqualified to answer. They are often concerned about liability to adequately answer these questions and, as a result, employees are simply given a list of things to complete in order to retire with no real assistance for retirement success.


What need is The Retirement Planning Concierge Program addressing for an employer?


A growing number of employers realize that financial education is a key factor in both recruitment and retention of employees.

Employers are looking for ways to provide financial wellness and retirement readiness so that employees nearing retirement can feel secure, prepared and ready to do so. Thereby, creating an opportunity to save the employer money in salaries, healthcare benefit costs, missed work and vacation pay while opening up advancement ladders for younger talent.

In addition, it relieves Employers and HR Benefit professionals from offering advice on topics such as Social Security, Medicare/Health Insurance, budgeting, and financial planning that they often feel ill-equipped to answer and could increase liability and fiduciary responsibility for the company.

How does The Retirement Planning Concierge Program work?



PRE-RETIREMENT EDUCATION: (For employees 55y+)

  • Onsite Training on Financial Education and Retirement Planning Sessions at the Company’s Primary Location 2x per year
    • Are You Ready to Retire? 1 Hour Seminar onsite providing retirement education on budgeting, debt reduction, saving for retirement, Social Security, Heath insurance, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, taxes in retirement, and estate planning
  • Digital Resources
    • Live Webinar offered twice per month with Question and Answer Segment
    • Recorded Webinar with anytime access
    • Retirement Readiness Quiz
    • Risk Tolerance Quiz
    • Roth Conversion Calculator
    • Living in Retirement Free Guide
    • Maximizing Your Social Security and Minimizing Your Taxes Free Guide
    • True Cost of Investing Free Guide
    • Estate Planning Free Guide
    • Budget Worksheet

BULK PRICING FOR ONE-ON-ONE FINANCIAL PLANNING/COACHING WITH EMPLOYEES: via Phone, GoToMeeting, or, if local, Face-To-Face Appointments at our offices or at the company. Participating Employees will receive:

  • Retirement Financial Plan
  • Social Security Analysis Report
  • Consultation with a Health Insurance/Medicare Specialist
  • Meeting with Social Security Analyst
  • 2 Part Mtg with Retirement Financial Planner




HALF-DAY RETIREMENT INTENSIVES: Offered on or off site to employees’ groups 55+. Employees can attend a maximum of twice during their employment. Four hours of retirement education on budgeting, debt reduction, saving for retirement, Social Security, health insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, taxes in retirement, and estate planning.

DESTINATION RETIREMENT EXTENDED-WEEKEND SEMINARS: For employees who are 55y+. Five seminars will be offered each year at various favorable destinations. Employer will cover all costs for all-inclusive extended weekend seminar for the employee and spouse. (New Orleans, Austin, Kansas City, Hot Springs, Branson, Tulsa)

PREMIER/EXCLUSIVE/OR EXECUTIVE WEEKENDS: For Top producing management/executives/or as an incentive for those employees who have made retirement readiness a focus by putting back the most in their 401k’s. These would be customized by theme and pricing (i.e.: Pheasant hunting, Patriot Golf Club, Wine Tasting, Bed and Breakfast)





THE RETIREMENT PLANNING CONCIERGE SERVICES/INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AT RETIREMENT/POST RETIREMENT: (This is at no cost to the employer and is at the request of the employee directly to The Retirement Planning Concierge for those who would like to utilize our services):

  • We will handle all the paperwork assisting the employee with 401k rollover, and/or pension paperwork, developing an income plan that is tax efficient for the employee to get a monthly “paycheck from their investments, assist them with navigating Social Security and/or Medicare, investing and managing their retirement savings taking into account risk tolerance, and inflation. We will set up consultation with an estate planning attorney and prepare power of attorney and health care documents. We will provide employee with a CPA consultation for tax planning who will also assist with simple tax returns.
How does The Retirement Planning Concierge Program help employees?


Employees who are nearing retirement are often anxious and uncertain about their retirement future. They have complex questions regarding Social Security, taxes, budgeting, Healthcare Insurance, Medicare, investing, inflation, and stock market crashes. They are worried if they will have enough money to last for the rest of their life.

The Retirement Planning Concierge provides both pre-retirement education via in-person workshops and through on-line webinars. We offer digital resources, guides, quizzes, and other information to assist in the retirement planning process. In addition, we work with employees providing one-on-one coaching and support for pre-retirement financial planning to help them make the most of their retirement savings and choose the best options regarding Social Security, Pensions, and Medicare/Healthcare Insurance and 401k rollover pro’s and con’s.

Upon retirement, the employee can also engage us to provide services that would include:

  1. Financial Retirement Plan detailing your retirement income and expenses so that we can design your money around your life and allow you to focus on things that matter most to you such as relaxing and having fun in retirement
  2. Income Plan with established distribution to your bank monthly
  3. Social Security Analysis by Registered Social Security Analyst to determine how you can maximize your benefit and the amount you get in retirement with the least amount of taxes
  4. Retirement Planning Concierge to assist in filing your Social Security Forms Online (no hassle with going to the Social Security office and pulling a number to wait for hours), 401k Rollover, and Pension paperwork
  5. Consultation with a CPA to discuss any tax related concerns related to retirement including company stock and NUA concerns, taxation of pensions and social security.
  6. Annual state and federal tax prep for single or joint filer with or without itemization
  7. Consultation with Medicare supplement insurance specialist to assist with questions and give quotes about Medicare part A,B,C,D
  8. Consultation with Health Insurance professional (if under 65) to discuss the many plan options that are available to you and choose which one is best (including exchange-based plans, creative group plans, short term plans, major medical plans, and faith-based plans)
  9. Consultation with estate planning attorney and complimentary financial and healthcare documents


Is there a minimum size group The Retirement Planning Concierge can work with?


Yes. Typically, our minimum size group is 100 employees.


How can we combine The Retirement Planning Concierge Services into our existing benefit program?


We work hand-in-hand with your current HR and Benefits leaders within your organization to identify existing benefits. We strive to understand what you are currently offering so that we can support employees with use of those options toward their retirement goal. We do not provide 401k plans or advice on your 401k plans. Your 401k provider offers annual enrollment meetings with your employees that cover the plan options. We do not do the same thing. Our services are solely focused on financial planning/retirement planning, budgeting, Social Security Analysis, and Medicare/Health Insurance options at retirement.


What are your qualifications?


Our team includes Financial Planners, CPA’s, Health Insurance/Medicare Specialists, Registered Social Security Analysts, Investment Advisors, and Retirement Planning Concierge.



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