By Melanie Hasty-Grant


Why are American’s opting not to vote?

Now, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. I’m only saying that you really must! Come this Fall, there will be a shift in power and we will have a new Commander and Chief. I have heard some real doozies for excuses about why people won’t vote. This Country was founded on “we the people”. Many lives have been lost so that we can have the privilege of voting!

Let’s take a look at three excuses when it comes to the current presidential campaign.

EXCUSE #1 My one vote won’t matter because my state (whether it be Oklahoma or California) is so heavily Republican or Democratic. If a lot of folks think like this, the polls will show it. How quickly can one person turn into ten, then a hundred, and then a thousand? That would have a drastic impact in the choosing next leader of our nation.  

EXCUSE #2 I don’t care for the choices. That’s fine, but there won’t be a new crop of presidents in training tomorrow. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Both of the candidates have been in some hot water for one reason or another. They both have their flaws. Instead, look at it from a different perspective.

Over the next four years, there will be openings on the Supreme Court. I’ll give you one guess who makes the choice about filling those openings. If you guessed the president, you are correct. Once appointed and approved by Congress, a Supreme Court Justice is there for LIFE. Choose wisely, my friends.

EXCUSE #3 The election isn’t going to affect my pocketbook or lifestyle, so I don’t really care who wins or loses. Listen; decisions about taxes, regulation, and the economy directly affect your job, your money, and what you get to keep. If you are invested in a 401k or have money in a savings account, what you are able to earn on your money is directly impacted by who is in power. With the stock market indexes setting all-time highs, where you’re invested matters. Elections and global crisis have caused a lot of market volatility. Make sure you have a strategy in place that addresses specifically what you will do if the market takes a sharp turn downward.

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Melanie Hasty-Grant Managing Principal at Waterstone Private Wealth Management and Experienced Licensed Professional Counselor. 

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