By Melanie Hasty-Grant

The Retirement RED ZONE

It’s that time of year again. Friday night lights, Saturday game day tailgate parties, the cooler days of Fall and the leaves changing colors. I love this time of year. It is our family’s favorite. With football starting and hunting season just around the corner life is full of hope and promise.

Just as it requires preparation to get ready to play in that big game; so too, it takes preparation when planning for that “big day” of retirement. The last few years preceding retirement and the first few years immediately following retirement, is what we call “the retirement red zone”.

The reason we call it the red zone is because these years are most crucial to the outcome of your financial retirement success. It’s just like in football where the red zone is the last 20 yards before crossing the goal and is critical to winning or defeat, the last few years before and after your retirement can make you or break you.

It’s during this time that you need to develop a careful, drawn-out strategic plan….a GAME PLAN.

Your playbook should be detailed with all the x’s and o’s and provide a careful strategy for how much you need to have saved, what debt you need to have paid off, what your budget is now and what it will be, and a specific plan for how to replace your income in retirement. Your playbook should include multiple investment strategies to both defend against losses and advance toward your goals.

These years often require sacrifice in order to meet the goal line, and a great coach to help get you there. We want to help you make your retirement a winning success!

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