by Melanie Hasty-Grant


The most common question I am asked when clients come into the office these days is about how upcoming presidential election will affect their investments.  Truth be told, the markets hate uncertainty.  With a change in political power, Americans are left with a feeling of uncertainty.  Like no other political contest in recent memory, the nation is transfixed on the 2016 presidential election.  But while Main Street looks to the fall campaign with great anticipation, many investors do not.  When you step into the voting booth, you should consider which candidate is not only the right person for the nation, but your personal finances as well.  Indeed, this is the Politics of Investing.

Today’s issues of energy, terrorism, healthcare, race relations, and gun control can seem very daunting.  As President Harry Truman told us, “The United States has always anticipated the future with courage and excitement.” As investors we have experienced firsthand extremely difficult times. From assassinations, to wars, acts of violence, oil embargoes, and crippling recessions, our great nation has faced unimaginable circumstances.  Whether it is Trump, Bernie, or Clinton this fall here are some facts to keep in mind:

Don’t listen to the peanut gallery.  The debates and elections bring a multitude of “what if” scenarios to the forefront.  Will ObamaCare be done away with? Are taxes going to be on the rise? What will happen to my investments accounts? Which bathroom can I use? Relying solely on assumptions can result in impulsive financial behaviors.  Being a financial planner, I air on the side of caution.  I don’t recommend basing decisions on speculation.  Have a plan, and stick to your plan.  That’s why it is called a plan.

Be a high flyer!  Policies will come and go, and there is no changing that.  While this topic is a focal point of many conversations, the election is still many MONTHS away.  Moving forward, be prepared for a change in political power.  It will happen whether you are ready or not.  Review your investments now and determine what changes, if any, need to be made to prepare yourself. Plan to take advantages of opportunities in the market.

Mind your own.  While it is so easy to get wrapped up in the national debt issues, personal finances are under your control.  There is a great tax calculator online at if you are interested to see how the election will affect you.  Once individual debt is handled, the shift moves to long term finances.  An example of that would be retirement.  If you are concerned about your future don’t hesitate seeking the help of a financial planner.

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