By Melanie Hasty-Grant

Big Hat, No Cattle

There’s a saying in Oklahoma when speaking about a person who has a tendency to tell big stories and have no follow-through.  We call it “Big Hat, No Cattle”.  Often folks have big ideas but don’t back up their talk with concrete actions.  Now there is nothing wrong with being a “dreamer” but it has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them.  They go out and make things happen.  The have a dream, create a plan, take action, and don’t give up.

So strive not to be a “drug store cowboy”.  Make every effort to say what you mean and mean what you say.  In the end, the only thing we really have is our integrity.  Our word, what we speak to

ourselves and others is important.  It is really everything we are.  Your character is the only thing you have to show others.

Here are some ideas for NOT creating a Big Hat, No Cattle persona:

  • Shut your mouth. Listening is so much more important that talking.  We’ve all heard “you’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason.” So tell the truth, be authentic and have confidence.  But remember that your opinion is just that, an opinion.  It is your truth but it may not be someone else’s.
  • Work Hard. You need to have a good reputation before you can rest on it.  The only way to build a good reputation is by working hard and getting results.  With friends this means being there for the hard stuff and carrying the load, with business it means delivering on your promises and going the extra mile.
  • Be Humble. When you have finally gotten to where you were getting to, don’t be boastful, flaunt it, and try to use it for power.  Realize that you didn’t get there without a lot of help from partners who believed in you, from clients and employees that allowed you to help them achieve what they achieved, and from just the grace of God.  Know who helped you and how they helped you, and don’t forget to thank them fully and often.  Be grateful.

If you’re looking for a financial coach to hold you accountable and keep you on track, give us a call. For more information go to or call 918-272-1120.  Melanie Hasty-Grant, Experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and Managing Principal at Waterstone Private Wealth Management.

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